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Quickies: Brett Favre Gets Dissed By Jenn Sterger & Tori Spelling Preggers

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  • NFL quarterback/creepy-creep Brett Favre got dissed on “Good Morning America” this morning by reporter Jenn Sterger, who likened Favre to “that guy at the bar who could just not get the hint” after he texted her pictures of his ween. [Radar Online]
  • Britney Spears tour tickets will be on sale via Ticketmaster beginning April 30. Get ready, bitches! [Oh No They Didn't!]
  • Amelia managed to bite her tongue and not rip Gwyneth Paltrow a new one for GOOP’s latest newsletter, in which the “working mom” interviews “coolest man on Earth,” Jay-Z. But trust — she really, really wanted to. [GOOP]

  • Tori Spelling’s got another bun in the oven. Somehow, she will find a way to make a reality show about this. [People]
  • The real-life warlock who was pissed at Charlie Sheen for offenses against warlocks has now turned his ire towards Natalie Portman’s movie, “Your Highness,” which allegedly depicts witches and warlocks in a poor light. You fight the good fight, sir! [TMZ]
  • No, no, no, Betty White and Lindsay Lohan! Please don’t fight! [Radar Online]
  • Kim Kardashian is reportedly upset she’s on the cover of Turkey’s Cosmopolitan magazine, as Turkey committed genocide against Armenia, where the Kardashian family is from. Kim posed for international editions of Cosmo, but apparently didn’t know she’d be slapped on the Turkish cover. [Styleite]
  • Holly Madison won’t be attending Hugh Hefner’s wedding later this month because … well … that might get awkward. [PopEater]
  • “The Office” has some kickass guest stars lined up: Will Arnett, James Spader, Catherine Tate and (meh) Ray Romano. [Huffington Post]
  • A Kate Middleton doll — ahem, the “Princess Catherine Engagement Doll” — is flying off the shelves of British stores even at the steep price of $57. [Today]
  • Weird fact: one-third of Vanity Fair magazine covers tease an article about the Kennedy family. I guess that family flies off the newsstand, huh?[Trés Sugar]
  • You simply must check out “A Girl And Her Room,” a project by photographer Rania Matar. Matar has captured teen girls from Massachusetts to Lebanon in their own bedrooms. [Rania Matar]
  • Sometimes Reese Witherspoon mourns the loss of her privacy as a celebrity so much that she sits in her car and cries. [Fox 411]
  • Strangers apparently come up to Hayden Panettiere and ask her about sex with her boyfriend? That’s just … ew. [The Superficial]
  • Girl Talk (real name: Gregg Gillis) took Rolling Stone on a tour of his computer and it looks every bit as complicated as his beats sound. [Rolling Stone]
  • New Hampshire cops are on the hunt for a woman who stole 14 live lobsters from a grocery store. Burrrrrrrp. If you won’t tell, I won’t either. [Fox News]
  • You’ve probably heard of the street artist Banksy. But have you heard of Hanksy? [The Whatever]
  • A former band member of 98 Degrees, Jeff Timmons, will be doing a four-week run at the male strip club Chippendales. Hmm, I wonder if his old buddy Nick Lachey will check this beefcake out? [TMZ]
  • Five date ideas for a Jane Austen superfan! [How About We]
  • Seth Rogen got carded buying beer in Los Angeles. I’m allowed to laugh at this because I’m carded all the damn time, too. [TMZ]
  • Check out the evolution of the wedding dress! [Trés Sugar]
  • Who knew that lesbian weddings on TV spanned all the way back to 1996?! [After Ellen]
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