Ask The Man Panel: Helmut Lang Drone Dress

Drone Dress: Why would you name a dress the Drone Dress? Really Helmut Lang? That’s not starting things out on the right foot with us. We asked the Man Panel what they thought of Helmut Lang’s asymmetrical look, and reactions were mixed. And don’t forget: If you’ve got a garment you want the panel’s honest opinion’s on, {encode=”[email protected]” title=”send us a pic!”}
Ryan, 32: I think I saw a “Star Trek: TNG” episode where the ship’s telepathic counselor Deanna Troi wore this on weekend leave to Barbadicon 5. Make it so!

Jason, 30: I can’t wait for the year 2411, when the planet has been taken over by aliens and the human race is reduced to drones that work in prison camps. If THIS is what all the ladies will be wearing, I’m looking into cryo-preservation ASAP.

Davy, 35: This looks like a really good dress for women who prefer minimal fuss when they pee in the bushes.

Adil, 25: Is this Helmut Lang for Target? So unfab.

Frank, 28: I suppose if you have to wear an asymmetrical dress, this is a nice alternative. And if you can pull off the “Xena: Warrior Princess” look, then more power to you.

Andrew, 40: This dress is good to wear if you are going through menopause and your hot flashes are happening mainly in your left knee area. I’d wear it.

Jeff, 33: This looks like a costume from a low-budget dystopian sci-fi movie with mediocre production design. In the future, dresses’ bottoms will be cut slant-wise! That said, it wouldn’t be bad if it came in a color other than “old T-shirt.”

James, 30: Pebbles grew up, hates her parents and makes her own clothes.

Justin, 32: This would look good on a dead zebra.

Kris, 32: Drone Dress? Is it Borg-inspired? Is it supposed to make you look like you are part of some quasi-futuristic Auntie Entity from Beyond Thunderdome art collective? Cause if it is, well done Helmut Lang. This is the same as those weird, asymmetrical haircuts that girls like to get when they move to Brooklyn. Actually, sometimes those look good.