Unlikely Style Inspiration: “Mildred Pierce”

Everyone’s talking about the HBO miniseries “Mildred Pierce,” based on the 1941 novel by James Cain, which ended its five-part run last night. Things really revved up when Evan Rachel Wood entered the scene, playing Mildred’s grown-up and ungrateful daughter Veda. We’re really feeling her ’30s-inspired feminine suits and tailored looks. After the jump, four dresses that conjure Art Deco, F. Scott Fitzgerald and the age of swing. (Merkin not included, FYI.)

  1. The 1930’s Era Bonne Belle Dress, $89
  2. The Riviera 1930’s Frock, $65
  3. The Daisy Dress, $79
  4. The Hamptons Dress, $29