Skeezy Joe Francis Wins Big In Skeezy “Girls Gone Wild” Lawsuit

Joe Francis of “Girls Gone Wild” has something to celebrate. He may be a douchebag whose wife ditched him after a whopping two months of marriage. But he just won a lawsuit! Last year, Joe Francis was sued by four women who were filmed flashing their boobies by “Girls Gone Wild” camera crews in Panama City, Florida, while they were underage (ages 13 to 17) and claim their tata-jiggling has caused them emotional distress.

According to TMZ, a Florida court decided on Thursday that Joe Francis is “not responsible for any lasting emotional damage alleged by the women” and does not owe them a penny. Francis’ team argued that the four plaintiffs were just after his money. Interestingly enough, it was a jury of eight women who delivered the good news.

But because this is Joe Francis we are talking about, all was not classy down in Florida. Francis originally represented himself in court but was fined $2,500 and found in contempt of court when he asked one of the plaintiffs if she was a prostitute. Sigh. Same old Joe.

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