Donald Trump Is Against Abortion For The WTF-iest Of Reasons

Donald Trump once had a friend whose wife got pregnant. The couple considered an abortion. They chose to carry the pregnancy to term and the baby made the friend very happy. The friend cried while telling this story to Trump. And that’s why he’s against abortion for everybody. Because if not having an abortion supposedly worked out for some friend of Donald Trump’s, it will work out for you, ladies. Wait, what? Is Donald Trump actually using one anecdotal story about some (probably rich) pal of his to appeal to religious conservatives in his totally BS presidential run? Yeah, he actually went there. Meh, I suppose a flimsy wannabe presidential candidate needs an equally flimsy reason for being against abortion.

Weakest argument ever, dude. Even though this blowhard doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting the Republicans’ nomination, it annoys me that Trump even bothers making public statements like this about serious issues like abortion. Sorry, but “this thing happened to my friend and that’s why I get to tell you what to do with your uterus” is not a viable policy decision. [CBN via]

(Thanks to commenter LR52185 for the link!)