A Few of My Favorite Things: Olivia From Nature Graffiti

Olivia started the fashion blog Nature Graffiti more than three years ago, as a way to bring together street street style, personal outfit photos, style inspiration and industry news. Flitting between Boston, New York and San Francisco, Olivia covers the latest and greatest in her world. After the jump, what she’s into right now!

Olivia’s Favorite Things
Old-School Photobooths : “Forget the camera on your computer… I’m madly in love with the photo-strips that come from real photobooths. My walls are covered in strips from the booth in the Diesel Cafe (Cambridge, MA) and in the Standard Hotel (New York City).”
Mandy Coon Ernie Bunny Bag:Mandy Coon Ernie Bunny Bag
“I think this bag is crazy-adorable. Mandy Coon is a brilliant young designer, and I especially love this edition she did for ofakind.com (which is its self an incredible website).”
Sherman Fantasia Cigarettes: “I don’t really smoke, but these are just ridiculously silly and girly… I had to add them to the list. Also, as a friend pointed out recently, they’re great conversation starters– People seem to be fascinated by rainbow smokes.”
Comme des Garçons Series 1: Leaves Perfumes: “I love this perfume series, especially the ‘Calamus’ scent… It smells like new leaves and green tea.”
Thought Catalog: “Thought Catalog publishes essays that are witty, informative and, well…thought-provoking on a number of levels. I like that the content is diverse and little bit gritty. Definitely a daily read.”