15 Famous Ladies Who Make Me Proud To Be A Four-Eyes

glasses anne hathaway jpg
When I got glasses in middle school, I instantly hated them. I did everything to avoid wearing them, even if it meant looking stupid in class because I couldn’t actually read the question my teacher had scrawled on the white board and then called on me to answer. As soon as I got contacts, I made a vow never to be seen in public with my glasses again. And I lived happily ever after, with a dash of saline solution, as a result. But a few years ago, a funny thing started happening—glasses got really cool, at least here in New York. And the quirkier and more retro a pair, the better. The trend jumped to Hollywood courtesy of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. And now it seems like the ladies have picked it up. Here, women who’ve made me giddy by rocking a pair of spectacles. Starting with Anne Hathaway, who at least night’s premiere of “Rio” looked gorgeous in purple dress, mussed up ponytail, and a pair of major ’80s glasses. I think she really needs them, as she’s been spotted wearing a pair a few times over the years.

After the jump, more famous ladies in glasses. Notice how they seem to favor big, bold black pairs.

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