4 Hilarious Reasons Kids Got Rejected From Colleges

Last week, teenagers all across the country got their hopes and dreams crushed when Ivy League acceptance—and more often rejection letters—landed in their inboxes. The acceptance rates this year were scarily low: Harvard, 6.2 percent; Columbia, 6.9; Yale, 7.4; and Princeton, 8.4. Kristina Dell at The Daily Beast took the opportunity to talk to admissions officers and find out some of the craziest reasons why they rejected certain students. My favorite quotes after the jump.

“There was a really strong candidate we didn’t admit because he used an enormous amount of profanity in his personal essay. He had a string of F-bombs that was pretty remarkable.” —admissions officer at Brown

“A young woman wrote that she took a summer course and she meant to say in ‘organismic biology’ but she wrote ‘orgasmic biology’ and went on to say it was the best course she’d ever taken.” —anonymous Ivy League admissions officer

“We had a student this year who sent a life-sized poster of herself in a box with a catchy jingle. It was attached to helium-filled balloons. When it was opened, the life-sized poster was supposed to go up in the air and unfurl before us like we were in a Harry Potter movie. But the balloons didn’t quite work.” —Anonymous state school officer

“One teacher wrote about a student: ‘He is not just an athlete. There is so much less here than meets the eye.'” —anonymous Ivy League admissions officer