11 Hilarious Celebrity Pre-Fame Gigs

pre fame gigs jennifer garner m jpg
Before Jennifer Garner was an A-list celeb, she needed to pay the bills just like the rest of us. In college, she figured out a genius (albeit embarrassing) way to make it rain. “My college roommate and I … we were theater geeks and we had a key to the theater department … We would go in late at night and we would use their sewing machines and their elastic and we would make scrunchies. We would make boxes full of scrunchies in sorority colors … We went door to door in the dorms and said ‘One for $3, two for $5,’ and we raked it in! We made so much money!” Garner recently admitted. Too bad scrunchies aren’t in style anymore. She could have a scrunchie empire by now. I no longer feel embarrassed that I spent a college semester working at Contempo Casuals where I also sold scrunchies. Only I never got famous. After the jump, some more really humbling ways that celebrities earned a buck before they were rich and famous. [People]
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