Today’s Lady News: Interracial Marriage Should Be Illegal, Say 46 Percent In Mississippi Poll

  • Interracial marriage should be illegal according to nearly half of Republicans polled in Mississippi. That’s the finding of a small poll of 400 people by Public Policy Polling (PDF). Forty-six percent of “hardcore Republicans” polled said interracial marriage should not be allowed by law. Is it any consolation that 40 percent of “hardcore Republicans” said interracial marriage should be kept legal? Not much. (To be fair, some say Public Policy Polling is liberal-slanted. However, The Economist magazine claims the pollsters are accurate regardless of a slant.) [The Economist] (Thanks to commenter LR52185 for the story!)
  • Defense contractor KBR was named one of the “top firms for women” by Women Engineer magazine, despite the 2005 scandal where employee Jamie Leigh Jones was drugged, raped and then locked in a storage container by her bosses. It boggles the mind. [Mother Jones]
  • Anyone else notice all the women of color contestants have been voted off “American Idol”? [AlterNet]

  • A Maryland Senate committee heard testimony from the Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act, which would ban discrimination against transgender citizens in housing, employment or credit. [Advocate]
  • Former Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), spoke out yesterday on the government’s “war against women.” [CNN]
  • Filmmaker Joe Wright’s new action flick “Hanna” has been called a “feminist fairytale.” He spoke with New York magazine about feminism, the objectification of women, and pole-dancing. [ Vulture]
  • Prep and American Wife author Curtis Sittenfeld sounds off on Tina Fey. [New York Times]
  • Dawn Hudson of Film Independent has been named the new CEO of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ Board Of Governors. It sounds super-insidery and I’m not sure what it really means … but hey, she’s a woman in Hollywood, so that’s probably good, right? [Deadline]
  • Actress Barbara Eden, the star of ’60s TV show “I Dream Of Jeannie,” in which she starred as a genie under the control of a male master, is very vocal that the program was not sexist. Do you agree? (It’s also interesting that she once got hit aggressively hit on by O.J. Simpson and says people blamed her for it because of what she was wearing.) [PopEater]
  • This is random, but did anyone know that filmmaker George Lucas’ daughter Amanda is a professional cage fighter? That’s badass. [TMZ]


  • The Boy Scouts in the UK launched an optional sex ed program this week called “My Body, My Choice” which would teach scouts ages 14 to 18 how to use a condom. [Advocate]
  • A Polish woman, Aleksandra Szyllo, reflects on feminism in her country. [Guardian UK]