In “Imma Homo” Song, Gay Rappers Seize A Place Hip Hop

Do you love hip hop? And you think gays, lesbians and transgender folks are, you know, actual people? Then you have to check out the music video for “Imma Homo,” a rap song by a group of MCs under the record label Rainbow Noise. (The audio is NSFW; use headphones.) The rappers run the gamut from ultra-femmey lesbians to ultra-butch dykes and everything in between; their lyrics proudly declare “Imma homo” with lines about “my lezzie peeps,” and watching Logo (the gay channel).

When would you hear that coming out of Diddy Dirty Money’s mouth?To be sure, there’s all different types of hip-hop music. There’s very socially conscious groups like Dead Prez, whose songs like “Hip Hop” are overtly progressive, or rappers like Queen Latifah who are proudly feminist (check out her song “U.N.I.T.Y.”). Then there’s a lot of the more mainstream stuff by people like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, or Kanye whose lyrics and personal lives are gallingly misogynist and gross. (Remember Kanye’s “Monster” music video where he holds decapitated women’s heads? Enough said.)

Even though I’m by no means a hip-hop expert — just a fan — even I know that LGBT folks are marginalized in the mainstream genre. And that’s why “Imma Homo” is so subversive, with lyrics like:

“I’m not a perv or a fag / or any other name you have.”

As blogger Trish Bendix at the lesbian blog After Ellen points out, there are other MCs who are out of the closet (as well as MCs who’ve fought off rumors of being gay, such as Queen Latifah). To that end, “Imma Homo” isn’t new. But I personally think that being out and proud is riding a wave right now, due in large part to the “It Gets Better” movement, the growing number of states recognizing same-sex marriage, and the fact that we have a president now whose heart and brain is in the right place when it comes to treating LGBT folks like human beings (even though Obama could obviously be doing a lot more).

What do you think of “Imma Homo”?

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