How To Date Multiple Guys Without Being Shady

Ladies, there is absolutely no shame in diversifying your dating portfolio. In fact, it’s highly encouraged to put your eggs into lots of different baskets while you’re a free agent, as long as you can do it without being a total dick. There is an art to dating multiple guys at once while keeping your dating karma intact. After the jump, what is acceptable and unacceptable while juggling multiple men.

Going on dates with multiple guys but having the class not to bring it up your “dating spree” as a topic of dinner conversation. Telling your date about all the other men who emailed you on OK Cupid.
Tonsil hockey or light making out (rounding second base) with as many men as you please. Staving off sex with all of ‘em — until you figure out which one you like best. Sleeping with all of them.
Texting or emailing multiple guys each day. Texting or emailing other guys while you’re on a date.
Kindly breaking it off with other guys when things are starting to get serious with the one you’ve decided to start playing hide the salami with. Blowing off a perfectly nice man off because you’re catching feelings for someone else.
Dating dudes that don’t know each other and never will. Dating more than one dude who lives in your neighborhood, works in your office, or is part of your circle of friends.
Going on more than one date in a week. Going on more than one date in one night.
Graciously accepting when different men buy you dinner. Using men for a free meal if you’re not interested.
Telling the truth about where you are/ who you’re with if asked, but not sharing jack if you don’t wanna. Lying about where you are/ who you’re with in order not to get “caught.”
Making up code names for each guy so your friends can keep them straight. Having your friends or family lie for you.
Remaining level-headed and reasonable if you discover that he is also dating other chicks. Flying into a jealous rage if you find out he also has lots o’ ladies lined up.