70-Year-Old Grandma Laughs About Robbing Bank

I think I might have found someone who tops the mom of two who robbed a bank and then went to pick up her kids a school. Meet, Sandra Bathke, the 70-year-old woman in Minnesota who robbed a bank in December by holding a hammer in her coat and pretending it was a gun. Check out the interview with her above. “I never touched the money, I never smelled the money,” she said. “[The teller] put in my bag and I said, ‘Thank you’ to her before I turned around and walked out the door. There were times when I went, ‘What am I doing?’ Didn’t dawn on me to stop.” Then Bathke laughs. Bathke says she committed the robbery because she was being harassed by her landlord’s son for money. Apparently, he drove her to the bank, but says he didn’t know that she was going to rob it. She says she had the hammer in her hand in the first place because she’d been hanging pictures at the time.

In court, Bathke did not receive additional jail time in addition to the 35 days she already served. But she did get 15 years of probation. On her 85th birthday, she’ll officially be out of trouble with the law. [Buzzfeed]