The Top 10 Worst Things To Happen To Men This Millennium

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Our friends over at the Good Men Project Magazine, known for their thoughtful and intelligent approach to gender relations, have put together a fantastically astute slideshow of the “10 Worst Things To Happen To Women This Millennium.” For the most part, I agree that Sarah Palin, “Bridalplasty,” and vajazzling have had a terrible effect on women everywhere. However, I would like Uggs to be cut a damn break. They are like walking on clouds and walking on clouds feels awesome when you are taking your dog out to do a number two in the middle of a blizzard.

Anyway, we at The Frisky are grateful for GMP’s concern and would like to do our part to acknowledge the terrible crap that men have had to endure. Here are the 10 Worst Things To Happen To Men This Millennium, in no particular ranked order…

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