Meg Ryan: Director?

Meg Ryan hasn’t gotten many roles since she—well, let’s be honest—messed up her face. Which is such a shame, because I watched “When Harry Met Sally” the other day on cable, and was reminded of how great she can be. So I’m glad to hear that she is settling into a new role behind the camera. Yep, homegirl is set to direct her first movie, “Into the Beautiful,” a flick about a group of friends reuniting, a la “The Big Chill.”“I’m often drawn to pictures that make you laugh and cry,” the film’s producer said. “I think this is the perfect project for Meg to bring to life. She’s poignant and funny and heartfelt.”

Meg isn’t the only actress turning her eye to directing. Jennifer Aniston recently announced her intention to get behind the camera and Angelina Jolie has been hard at work on a movie that she calls a Bosnian love story. Here’s hoping one of them becomes the next Clint Eastwood.

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