Hoteliers: The New Type Hollywood Wants To Date

It looks like Lindsay Lohan has a new love interest—hotelier and general richie richster Vikram Chatwal. Rumor has it that Chatwal flew LiLo to New York this week on his private jet and has her staying in the penthouse of one of his hotels. On Tuesday night, the two headed to hot spot Top of the Standard together. Then last night, they made an appearance at the after-party for Uma Thurman’s new movie, “Ceremony.”

For years, Hollywood women flocked to actors, rock stars, and pro ball players. Then they started going for agents. Could the hotelier be next dude du jour? It makes sense—after all, these guys are supremely wealthy and successful. After the jump, more about Chatwal and another hotelier famous ladies want to make their own personal Conrad Hilton.We’ll start with Lindsay’s new dude. Chatwal opened his first hotel in 1999, when he was just 28 years old. He now owns several luxury hotels in five cities, including New York’s whimsically swanky Dream Hotel. Chatwal is technically married—he got hitched to model/actress Priya Sachdev in a 10-day ceremony in 2006—though they are currently in the process of divorcing. And he and Lindsay have something big in common—he’s been to rehab, too.

Oh, but Lindsay isn’t the only famous face he’s dated. Most recently, he was linked to supermodel Esther Canadas. And before his marriage, he dated Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen.

The other hotelier of choice is, of course, Andre Balazs who has been in high demand ever since he dated Uma Thurman for three years. Currently, he and Chelsea Handler are reportedly together. The two were seen looking all couple-y at the Sundance Film Festival this year. There, the two went to see Florence + the Machine and were “making out in the corner of the dance floor upstairs.”

But before Chelsea, Andre got with Courtney Love—I guess everyone slums it on occasion? “They came to the Boom Boom Room together late Thursday night,” a source said. “Eventually, she and Andre snuck out to the smoking deck together and were hugging and being touchy. They both seemed very sweet and genuine.”

Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell , and Kelly Bensimon have all supposedly taken rides on the Andre train too.

Any other hoteliers out there that famous ladies can set their sights on? And do we think Lindsay and Vikram are a good match?

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