Debate This: Meeting Guys At Bookstores

In a recent Slate article, bookstore employee, Emma Straub, talks about bookstores being a perfect setting to find true love:

“There are many reasons why bookstores are naturally romantic environments: the smell of paper, the soft lighting, the baseline understanding that those inside like to read, and are therefore probably not morons. Browsing customers often circle each other like timid sharks, the piles of books in their hands their only weapons.”

As a book-loving single woman, you’d think bookstores would be my ideal place to meet guys. Not even close. When I shared my own reasoning (which you can read, after the jump), with the Frisky staff, a lively debate ensued. Check out our editors’ respective camps after the jump. Tell us what you think in the comments. Are you pro or con bookstore romance?

“Of all the unusual places I’ve met men (the subway, the ATM, the Apple store), I’ve never once scored a date at a bookstore. Why? Bookstore browsing is sacred alone time for me. I like to clear my head without being disturbed. Getting lost in the world of my favorite authors and poets is romantic, but the it’s the kind of romance I want to experience alone. In fact, I would prefer no one talk to me while I’m browsing.” — Ami

“I’d be pretty annoyed if a guy was trying to flirt with me while I was looking at books, which I see as a solitary act.  There’s an employee at the Borders in my hometown who used to hit on me when I came in and was oblivious to ‘leave me alone’ signals. It got so annoying that I started purposefully hiding and avoiding him.” — Jessica

“I think that would be a great place for someone to chat me up. ‘I just read that, it’s really good.’ ‘Do you stop by the film studies section often?’ You can actually glean some info about another person by what they’re looking at, so why not try?” — Kate

“I would rather someone hit on me based on thinking my taste in books was interesting rather than, I dunno, just thinking my tits are nice. I mean, the thing is, your reaction to someone hitting on you, no matter where it is, is greatly impacted by whether you’re initially attracted. If Ryan Gosling hit on me in a bookstore, I would get wet. Gary Busey? Not so much.” — Amelia