Angelina’s Tattoo Addition Has Many Thinking She’s Adopting Baby #7

Yesterday, Angelina Jolie visited Somali refugees at a camp near the Tunisia-Libya border. But of course it wasn’t the humanitarian work that had people talking. At the camp, Angelina was photographed in a tank top and it appears as though a line has been added to her tattoo which lists the latitude and longitude of where her children were born. This has many people guessing that Angie and Brad are adopting another baby. The new numbers on the tattoo aren’t easy to make out, but the first one appears to be 35 degrees north. Some think this means the couple could be adopting from Algeria.

But there’s an alternate theory.That code could also point to Oklahoma—where Brad was born. So the new number may just be a nod to him.

Sources close to Brad and Angelina say the adoption speculation is false, and that we shouldn’t get our hopes up. But why would Angie add Brad’s birthplace to her tattoo now? Then again, why would she do it before actually taking home the baby? One would think going to the tattoo parlor would be far down on her adoption to-do list. Or could they have secretly adopted a la Sandra Bullock? Or maybe it’s a fake tattoo and they’re just f**king with us now.

What do you think is going on here?