Should Olivia Wilde Date Justin Timberlake And/Or Ryan Gosling?

Back in February, Olivia WIlde split from her hubby, Italian prince Tao Ruspoli. We suggested some new folks for her to date next, but apparently, she doesn’t need our help. In late February, she was seen out with Ryan Gosling—interestingly, the first person we wanted to set her up with. [For the record, I am not part of this royal “we.” — Editor] But it looks like she might have moved on—over the weekend she was seen out with also newly single Justin Timberlake.

So, uh, which rumored date was better?Justin and Olivia, who co-star in the upcoming sci-fi thriller “Now,” went out to The Roxbury in Hollywood. They hung out and “snuggled together,” as People put it. Apparently, the two left the club together at 3 a.m. These two have some history—they were co-stars in “Alpha Dog” in 2006 and they look mighty cozy in this photo snapped at the premiere. [People]

Olivia’s outing with Ryan was much more of a daytime affair. She met him for brunch at a Mexican restaurant in Cincinnati, where he’s shooting his new movie. From there, the two spent the day together at the aquarium. But they were also photographed together a few weeks earlier at a Golden Globes after-party getting a little flirty. [People]

Do you think either of these guys have potential for Olivia, or is this just rebound fun?