Charlie Sheen’s Tour Officially A Disaster

People spend their money on all sorts of crazy things—for example, Shake Weights and baby powder pink Hummers. But it still baffles me that folks are paying upwards of $80 to see Charlie Sheen’s “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option” tour. I mean, his rantings are all over the interwebs … for free.

Apparently, the appeal of the show isn’t to love on Sheen. Judging from the reaction he got opening night, maybe it’s to hate on him, too. Sheen’s tour kicked off on Saturday night in Detroit and it went … horribly. People made such a ruckus during the opening act that Charlie actually stepped on stage to ask people to stop booing. Things looked like they might be picking up when Charlie’s goddesses—Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin—stepped on stage and burned a “Two and a Half Men” shirt. But during the subsequent 70 minutes of Charlie’s monologues, the audience got frustrated. “I already got your money, dude!” Charlie yelled when he heard a boo. When the rest of the audience joined in, he said, “Come on, let me finish … this is all leading to something!” And things definitely weren’t helped by his joke, “Detroit, population 5,000 … and it looks like all of you are here tonight!” Ouch.

Charlie decided to completely revamp the show for his Sunday night performance in Chicago. He went with more of a Q+A format, and the audience seemed much more pleased, even if there were still some boos. Still, I beg you not to feed the beast. Stay far, far way from this tour.

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