Ask The Man Panel: Pencey’s Beguiling Braided Dress

Admittedly, there are a lot of things going on with this Pencey braided dress: The fringe, the spots, the swishy skirt. It’s not necessarily for everyone, but is it boy-friendly and date-appropriate? We asked our panel of chatty dude friends what they thought about this dress, and you better believe they told us. Got a garment you’re not so sure about? {encode=”[email protected]” title=”Ask the Man Panel”} what they think! Ryan, 32: Any dress that makes a girl look like she a) got into it with a jungle cat, or b) just stepped out of the live-action “ThunderCats” movie is fine by me. If you really wanna kill me, top it off with some of that Brigitte Bardot bedroom hair! (Apparently there’s even a Frisky article about this).

Jason, 30: A few more night classes at FIT, a little more of Daddy’s money, a summer internship or two, and the designer of this piece might actually be on to something … the perfect dish rag.

Davy, 35: Does anyone remember Jana of the Jungle? I always thought Jana of the Jungle was hot. This look makes me think of Jana of the Jungle if Jana of the Jungle went to Cooper Union. It’s working for me.

Adil, 24: This looks like trash. No really, it looks like it came out of a paper shredder.

Frank, 28: I stay away from women who dress like slutty 12-year-olds because they usually have daddy issues.

Andrew, 40: I wasn’t sure if this dress was made out of toilet paper or not, so I zoomed in on it and saw the stains and my suspicions were confirmed, yes this dress is made out of toilet paper. So pretty!

Jeff, 33: Kind of ugly on its own, but I’m ashamed to say I’d probably find it sexy on a girl with the right body, on account of it being all short and all. Sorry, ladies! I’m shallow like that.

James, 30: This is a merkin for the 21st century.

Justin, 32: If you wear it with the jacket from “Can’t Buy Me Love” you have something. But you can forget about buying that telescope.

Kris, 32: This dress is dumb, and it looks like the bottom got caught in a paper shredder, but if I saw a girl wearing one at the bar, I would secretly think she was hot.