The Justin Bieber And Ashton Kutcher Mind Meld

Is Justin Bieber the next Ashton Kutcher? Apparently, the two dudes will be getting time warpy in the movie “What Would Kenny Do?” The premise of the flick is that a cool 30-something guy goes back in time as a hologram to help his nerdy teenage self through the treacherous landscape that is high school. Justin is supposedly already signed on the dotted line for the movie and Ashton is set to produce and star in it.

Oh, and this isn’t the first time Ashton has alluded to Justin as his younger version.Ashton once said that he wanted to bring back “Punk’d”—with Justin as the host. Interesting.

So what do you think—in 16 years, will Justin Bieber be a successful producer married to a film icon 15 years his senior? Kate Hudson, get on that.

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