11 Famous Roommates We Wish We Lived Next Door To

roommates rob and tom jpg
Someone at the Plaza should really put a plaque up in the room that Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise once shared. Back in the day, when Rob was 17 and auditioning for “The Outsiders,” he and Tom were briefly roommates, along with several other wannabe actors. And it sounds like the two didn’t have nightly pillow fights. “[Tom] had bloodless focus, an intensity that I’ve never encountered before,” Rob remembers, before launching into a story about their first moments in the room together. “Cruise is on the phone with his agent, Paula Wagner. ‘Paula, they are making us share’ … The rest of us are staggering around like happy goofs … ‘Thank you very much,’ [Cruise] says like a 50-year-old businessman.” And we’re surprised the guy is now a Scientologist? [NY Post]

But Rob and Tom aren’t the only interesting celebrity pairs who at one point split the rent. Here are some other famous roommates we’d love to live next to.

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