Quickies: Today Is April Fools’ Day & Courtney Love Saved Kelly Osbourne’s Life

  • Courtney Love is good at deflecting answers to questions about her sobriety. She still takes lots of of drugs but they’re all non-narcotic, so it’s OK. But more importantly, she once saved Kelly Osbourne’s life by injecting stuff into her boobs. [D Listed]
  • Did you happen to catch the “Jersey Shore” reunion last night. I missed it, but I heard it was “gross.” It’s on my weekend “To Do” list. [NY Mag]
  • Here’s what our favorite celebs looked like when they went to prom. Awww, they had bad taste in high school just like us. [Celebuzz]

  • In case you missed any single prank-type thingy that happened on April Fools’ Day here is the ultimate round-up, round-up of the day. I’m not joking. [The Daily What]
  • Are Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson knocking’ boots again? It sure looks like it. [The Superficial]
  • Please read this if you are planning on being a house guest anytime soon or ever. My only additional tip is: don’t show up with your cat. [The Hairpin]
  • Fashion designer Mac Duggal did her part for the good of humanity by donating $60,000 worth of glamorous gowns so a homeless woman could compete in the Miss USA pageant. Hi, good karma. [Daily Mail UK]
  • All the cool girls are putting eyelashes on their cars and calling them carlashes. Wink wink.[Bust]
  • Here are some things socially awkward men should try to avoid at all costs. [Cracked]
  • We can all sleep soundly as the Egyptian cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo has been found. She was just chillin’ all coiled up in a dark corner and had no idea that she had nearly scored a gig hosting “SNL.”
  • [ABC]

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