For Guys: How To Not Buy Terrible Jewelry For Your Wife Or Girlfriend

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I was hanging out with some friends the other day when the topic of bad jewelry came up. My friend Brigitte immediately sprang up from the couch and ran to her room, claiming that her boyfriend had recently bought her The Worst Necklace In The World. At first we were skeptical, but when she returned clutching a red plastic box, and then revealed the gold-plated, heart-shaped atrocity sitting inside, we all gasped in horrified agreement. “It looks like something from the Claire’s clearance bin,” I said, examining the cloudy purple stone glued to the rim, “except not as good.”

As we continued our discussion, I caught a glimpse of our friend Andrew, who was sitting in the corner and had suddenly turned ghostly white. “I am never buying jewelry for a woman again,” he whispered. We all rushed to console him, telling him that it’s actually not that hard, and if in doubt he should just consult with us. So this post is for all the Andrews of the world — the well-meaning husbands and boyfriends who want to buy something nice for their ladies but aren’t sure where to start. Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments, and forward this on to the men who need it most!

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