14 Sexy Celebrity Spinsters

celeb spinsters slide 1 jpg
A spinster is defined as a single woman who has not formed a human pair bond that leads to child birth by the time she is approaching the end of her reproductive lifespan. Instead of getting married and making babies, we prefer to wear bonnets and do needlepoint on Saturday night. In addition to my bonnet collection, I also enjoy my own company, cherish my alone time, and rejoice in being a single independent woman unwilling to settle down with just anybody. It’s annoying that spinsters get such a bum rap … even the celebrity variety. Wikipedia has created a special page in honor of celebrity spinsters. Yes … really. These ladies make me proud to wear ankle length skirts. Just kidding, I would never reveal my ankles in public. Click through to see some sexy celebrity spinsters. Spinsterhood never looked so lovely. [Duckie Over Blane]
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