Unlikely Style Inspiration: “Roseanne”

I went to the University of Hawaii for a semester during my junior year of college. I had a room with an inexplicably king-sized bed and a panoramic view of the ocean. There was a farmer’s market down the street that sold fresh pineapples and papayas. I ate shaved ice for breakfast and sweet bread for dinner and it was generally just as awesome as it sounds. But you know what some of my best Hawaiian memories consist of? Lying in that king-sized bed and watching syndicated episodes of “Roseanne.” Sad but true: I love this show more than I love panoramic views of the Pacific.

I understand if you don’t share my love for the Connor clan, but can we all at least admit that these characters were unsung style heroes of the ’90s? I mean, they looked just like us — sometimes a little worse — and they totally owned it. Click through for a thoroughly modern take on the “Roseanne” look…
Take one of Roseanne’s signature oversized blouses, add some denim shorts (naturally), a pop of Darlene’s tie-dye, and a touch of Jackie’s of-the-moment fringe, and you have a totally wearable spring outfit. Drape the afghan blanket over the back of your couch if you really want to commit to the “Roseanne” lifestyle.

  1. Floral Blouse, $38, ModCloth
  2. Denim Bermuda Shorts, $22.25, Aeropostale
  3. Fringe Purse, $63, ASOS
  4. Afghan Blanket (a must in any Roseanne homage), $26.50, Sugar Lily Vintage
  5. TOMS Tie-Dye Slip-Ons, $54, Nordstrom