I Think I’ll Pass On The Tossed Salad

“I want to kiss your ass,” John Doe whispered in my ear as we made out on my bed.

I thought it was a funny request, but I figured he was into some light dom/sub stuff, so I obliged with a little role play.

“You’d better kiss my ass … you bad boy.”This sent him into a wild frenzy.

“Please, please let me kiss your ass,” he moaned.

“Beg, me,” I commanded.

Before I knew it, John Doe’s face was wedged between my ass cheeks. His tongue exploring my brown eye. He was performing full on analingus. John Doe was tossing my salad.

Whoa! I had no idea salad tossing was on the menu. I thought he wanted to kiss my ass cheeks!

I removed John Doe’s face from my anus. And what did he do? The man tried to KISS me!

Not knowing how to react, I sent him back downstairs to perform cunnilingus. But I was shaken.

I have done “ass” stuff in the bedroom before. There have been fingers and penises in my butt, but never a tongue. Men have alluded to wanting to eat my ass before, but never has it been ambushed in such a way.

I was too caught off guard to enjoy it. And I certainly can’t imagine what pleasure he got out of it.

Since my anal ambush, I have been asking all of my friends about their salad tossing experiences. Have they done it? Did they enjoy it? Do they allow kissing afterward? So far, no one has given me any solid answers. In fact, most of the people I’ve canvased have never engaged in analingus. So, what say you, Frisky readers? Is this something you’ve tried and enjoyed? Should I give it another shot or pass on the tossed salad altogether?