Stacy London Stole My Sweater And Other Tales From “What Not To Wear”

After Tuesday night’s “What Not to Wear” episode, featuring yours truly and an incredible cast of friends of family, I’ve gotten a few questions thrown my way. People have wondered what became of the infamous tiger sweater, lovingly named Raoul. Well, first, Stacy had her way with him. Yes, I did give it up. And no, I don’t miss it one bit. And now onto some other business… Have you maintained your WNTW look?

Past me would never believe this, but I absolutely drank the “What Not to Wear” Kool-Aid. I haven’t looked back on my old style ever since. I have resisted the urge to repopulate my wardrobe with oversized sweaters and schmattas, and instead have stuck to sleeveless tops, flattering skirts and tiny cardigans. As many times as I might have previously wanted to pick through Bill Cosby’s secret sweater stash in the past, I have squelched that desire.

The clothes, makeup or hair — which was your favorite?

There are very few times in your life when you genuinely get something for free. Like $5,000 to buy clothes and a free $1,000 haircut from master hairstylist Ted Gibson. And oh, there’s the makeup. Did you know Carmindy is a certifiable genius when it comes to this stuff? If nothing else, she absolutely changed my life by giving me the secret to stopping what I like to call “Panda Bear Eyes.” Panda Bear Eyes are when your eye makeup starts sliding off your eyes and moves slowly down your face. Most days, pre-Carmindy, I’d have large black circles around my eyes by mid-day. Carmindy’s concealer is a fantastic product, and she taught me to put it on OVER my foundation, instead of under. It’s made a huge difference. I never knew!

Did they really throw away your tiger sweater?! Where can I get one like that?

Yes, they threw it away. I have no idea if there is another Raoul out there, waiting to be snatched up and cuddled and loved, as I loved my own Raoul. To find a Raoul-a-like you could scour your local thrift stores and check out eBay. He really is a special dude.

To compensate for taking away Raoul, Stacy and Clinton recommended that I incorporate a few animal-patterned pieces into my wardrobe. So, I’m now the proud owner of a scarf with black horses all over it. Much more user-friendly.

Your haircut looks like Barbra Streisand’s, the early years. Do you get that a lot?

Oh yes, I get Barbra Streisand comparisons all the time, mostly, I think, from people who have never seen a Jew in person before or something.

Is there a piece from your new wardrobe that has become a staple?

I wear pretty much everything all the time. There are a few pieces I still haven’t even gotten to wear, actually. Some people said that $5,000 doesn’t seem like a lot to replace your entire wardrobe, but actually, it’s quite a lot of money, and you can get quite a lot of stuff. Plus, I shopped at a whole lot more places than what you saw on the show. In addition to hitting up Poppy, Big Drop, Neda and Dear, Fieldbinder on the show, we did tons of off-camera shopping at places like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and the like.

What behind the scenes dirt can you tell us about filming with Stacy and Clinton, Carmindy and Ted?

Honestly, I got nothing. Everybody on the show was incredible — from the producers (Hello, Skye and Jason!) to the crew to Stacy, Clinton and the rest — everybody was kind, sweet, warm and welcoming. You’re basically spending an intensive week with these people, talking incessantly about your feelings and your body issues, so they better be, right?