This Blind Date Was More Awkward Than Yours

Blind dates are awkward for everyone. There’s enough to worry about without discovering that your date just so happens to be your long, lost sibling. Um … yeah. Try recovering from that awks moment. And here I was thinking I had had the most awkward blind date of all time. He told me he was under investigation by the FBI during our first drink. Two UK singles, Sarah Kemp and George Bentley, met on an online dating site and immediately hit it off. On their first real date, they discovered they had “far more in common than first thought.” Yeah … like two parents? Their mom and dad split 30 years ago and each child went to live with a different parent. Because Sarah took her ex-husband’s last name, George had been unable to track her down. Natch, when they ended up on a blind date, they totally hit it off, but not in a “Genetic Sexual Attraction” kind of way. There were no “kisses and fumbles” before they discovered they were related. Phew. “It was as if we’d known each other all our lives,” said Sarah. I wonder how many rounds they had before they were laughing about it. [Newser]