Is Britney Spears Touring with Enrique Iglesias Or Pauly D?

Yesterday on “Good Morning America,” Britney Spears announced that she would be going on tour this summer with Enrique Iglesias. A few hours later, however, Enrique’s people issued a statement saying that wasn’t the case due to “scheduling conflicts.” “Unfortunately, Enrique Iglesias and Britney Spears will not be touring together. Despite initial reports based on formal discussions of the possible run, Enrique will continue on his solo tour in support of his new album Euphoria,” his spokesperson said. “Enrique has great respect for Britney and is a longtime fan of her work. He is very sorry for the confusion this might have caused to anyone.” Hmmm, sounds like maybe her stilted dance moves scared him off.

But apparently, Britney has another possibility for a hot male co-star. While insiders say Enrique could still be convinced to tour with BritBrit if the price were right and he was billed as a co-headliner rather than an opening act, it looks like Pauly D might be tapped to join the Femme Fatale tour. Because Britney loves fist-pumping? No, silly, because they have the same manager—Larry Rudolph. The two began a professional relationship last week, when Britney performed at Rain nightclub in Las Vegas. It was Pauly D’s night as resident DJ, so Britney was billed as his “special guest.”

Who do you think is a better Robin to Britney’s Batman for this tour—Enrique or Pauly D? Or do neither of these combos make sense to you?

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