A Few Of My Favorite Things: Allie From Scoutmob

Where do we even start with Allie? First, she founded the blog The Campus Style. And now she helps run the quarterly magazine Young Foxy and Free and works at Scoutmob, the site for all things awesomely local. “I got an internship at Scoutmob and was hired in the fall as the assistant editor,” she explains. “I get to explore the city and find nifty and noteworthy locals and events. It’s a dream job — full of new doors and windows of opportunity. Everyday I am overwhelmed with how bright the future is for us.” Check out a few of It-Girl Allie’s favorite things after the jump!

Allie’s Favorite Things

The Tao of Wu: I got to read this while I snowed in this past January, and it sunk deep within me. The RZA is wise and insightful– a great read if you are in the mood for some spiritual awareness and/or fond memories of O.D.B.
GT’s Enlightened Kombucha: If you’re sick, tired, or just wanna put 100 percent love in your body (one of the listed ingredients), chug one of these bad boys. (Note: Add champagne to the Gingerade flavor and you got yourself a wellness Mimosa.)
Scoutmob: On a scale from 1 to awesome, Scoutmob ranks supernova. It’s hyper-local & haggle-free: no bones ’bout it mobile app + email, 50 percent off your receipt, fun and local content. Based in Atlanta, coming to a city near you… you lucky, frugal dog.
“Bill Cunningham New York”: Really excited to see this. It’s a documentary by Richard Press about Mr. Bill Cunningham — the OG of street style. It’s premiering soon in NYC and LA, but good things come to those who don’t live in those cities and must wait.
Outkast: It’s scary what percentage of my favorite quotes and general vocabulary come from Outkast lyrics. I’m obsessed with their music, Andre 3 Slacks’ fashion sense, and their love and devotion to Atlanta.