Prince Harry Throws Prince William A Bachelor Party

Over the weekend, Prince Harry threw Prince William his bachelor party. A while ago, rumors circulated that Snoop Dogg would be performing at the party to end all parties—he even wrote a totally inappropriate anthem for the occasion called “Wet.” But we have a feeling that didn’t actually happen. And no, we can’t be sure because the details of the party are a carefully guarded secret. “I can confirm that Prince William’s stag party has taken place,” a royal representative said. “It was an entirely private event.”

So what do we know? The party was held at the van Cutsem country house and about 20 of William’s friends attended. Prince Harry planned the fete. Apparently, the original theme was going to be “watersports,” but Harry decided to switch things up at the last minute when word about that got out. Maybe he went for “airports” instead?

Wow, this bachelor party sounds kind of lame. Maybe Harry should’ve taken notes from these notorious celebrity stag parties.