“Mad Men” Season Five Is A Go

Mad Men” season four was released today on DVD. So I felt ultra sad this morning when I read that season five was still in limbo and might not be happening due to creative differences between AMC and show creator Matthew Weiner—mainly, that the network was asking him to cut two minutes per episode, integrate product placement, and nix some actors from the ensemble for budgetary reasons. But hallelujah—much of the fussing seems to be over. AMC officially announced today that “Mad Men” will be returning for season five.

It’s not a perfect scenario, however. The season won’t start airing until 2012, a fact which is rumored to have Weiner pretty upset. And sources close to the negotiations say Weiner is still holding out on the issues of episode length and product placement. Cutting characters is apparently an even bigger deal to him—The Wrap says that AMC is asking for six characters to be canned over the course of the next three seasons. Eek!

But honestly, I’m just happy that Don Draper and Joan Holloway are coming back to us soonish. Here’s hoping that they, and all our other favorites, will stick around. [Huffington Post]