Britney Spears Thoroughly Meh On “Good Morning America”

Happy Femme Fatale day! Britney Spears’ highly anticipated new album drops today and to celebrate, BritBrit recorded a performance of three numbers over the weekend to air on “Good Morning America.” And all I can say is … how sad. These performances are only a smidge above the infamous “Gimme More” debacle of a few years back. Not only does Britney’s dancing seem terribly stilted, but she’s obviously not singing even a little. And I’m sorry, but the costumes just aren’t doing anything for her body—which would look totally hot just a little more covered up. At least the sets, lights, and costumes look cool?

Two more numbers after the jump.

Here Britney does “Till the World Ends,” which is my favorite track on the new album. But still meh.

This is a mashup of her hits, dubbed the “Big Fat Bass Medley.” Nooooo! Seriously, remember when homegirl could keep up with her backup dancers?

What do you think? I feel a little ashamed for ever thinking this album could be good. [ABC]