10 Reasons We’d Like Armie Hammer To Be Our Prince Charming

Because Hollywood is a magical place where ideas sprout in twos, there are currently two Snow White movies in the works—one starring Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and the other with Julie Roberts as the Meanie Mirror Looker. Charlize’s project seemed to be in the lead when Kristen Stewart was cast as Snow White and Viggo Mortensen signed on to be the hunter charged with killing her. But, finally, score one for the Julia Roberts version. It was just announced that “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White” has found its Prince Charming, and it’s Armie Hammer of “The Social Network.” [Huffington Post]

This news makes me very, very happy. After the jump, 10 reasons I adore Armie.

  1. For me, Armie made “The Social Network,” playing identical twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Doing two characters in a David Fincher movie is not easy. “There were nights that went late where we’d been jumping back and forth where I not only forgot which character I was but what my real name was, where I lived, and what planet I was currently on,” says Armie. “And you’re going to think I’m kidding, but those were actually the takes that David Fincher kept.” [About.com]
  2. He is named after his great grandfather—Armand Hammer—who was an oil tycoon and philanthropist. Which sounds so swashbuckling.
  3. Armie was raised half in Los Angeles, half in the Cayman Islands. Nice.
  4. He’s a tall glass of water at 6’5″.
  5. Armie started his acting career playing bit parts, but always in awesome TV shows like “Arrested Development,” “Veronica Mars,” and “Gossip Girl.”
  6. He’s had to deal with disappointment along the way. The movie that was supposed to make him a star never happened—he was picked by George Miller to play Bruce Wayne in “Justice League Mortal,” but the project got shelved.
  7. His name sounds like Arm & Hammer.
  8. He’s a guy who tells it like it is. He recently got married but admits he didn’t always see that for himself. “I was always the guy who thought I’d never get married because there’s never going to be one woman worth giving up all the others,” he said. “But [my wife] knocked me off my feet.” Sweet
  9. Next, Armie will be co-starring in Clint Eastwood’s film “J. Edgar,” a biopic about J. Edgar Hoover staring Leonardo DiCaprio. Armie will play associate director of the FBI Clyde Tolson, also Hoover’s secret lover. Those makeout scenes should be hot.
  10. Did we mention that Armie’s super good looking?

Do you think Armie will make a good Prince Charming?