Quickies: Charlie Sheen Tweets Ex-Wife Denise Richards Is A “Loser Whore”

Jessica Wakeman | March 28, 2011 - 7:00 pm
  • Charlie Sheen tweeted many vulgarities about his ex-wife/mother of his children Denise Richards earlier this morning — among them “traitor,” “kidnapper,” “dog thief” and my favorite, “loser whore.” Pot, kettle. [PopEater]
  • Prince William and Prince Harry managed to pull off a secret bachelor party this weekend. Instead of nightclubbing in London, the princes and 20+ pals hung out at one of their many estates in the British countryside. It sucks that they couldn’t go out on the town, but at least they weren’t hounded by paparazzi and/or strippers all night. [Daily Mail UK]
  • Also, Kate Middleton allegedly chose a fruitcake for her wedding cake. Oh, honey. [NYmag.com The Cut]
  • Father of the Year Michael Lohan reportedly got paid $180,000 clams to appear for 21 days on “Celebrity Rehab.” Don’t even get me started. [PopEater]

  • Paris Hilton interviewed Li’l Wayne for Interview magazine about prison. Their mamas must be so proud. [PopEater]
  • Looking at Facebook “in a relationship” status updates and happy pictures of parties you weren’t invited to can encourage depression in some teens who already have low self-esteem — a.k.a. “Facebook depression” — according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. [MSNBC]
  • Jenelle from “Teen Mom 2″ was arrested for assault after video surfaced last week of her beating the crap out of some girl at a party. Aw, she’s like a little Amber Portwood! [PopEater]
  • Chris Brown’s neighbors don’t like him much, either. [RadarOnline]
  • An unnamed intern for Marc Jacobs who handled the company’s Twitter account apparently lost their s**t on Friday night and tweeted comments like “Robert’s a tyrant” (referring to the CEO). At least he or she also realized they “won’t work in this town again!” after this kerfluffle. [The Cut]
  • Happy 25th birthday, Lady Gaga! May you have many lobster hats and meat dresses ahead of you. [Tres Sugar]
  • Aw, this is cute. Guess the celebrity grandmothers? [TMZ]
  • DJ Samantha Ronson has moved on from her ex, Lindsay Lohan — oh, excuse me, it’s just Lindsay now. SamRo is now allegedly dating Tiffany Russo, a yoga instructor. [RadarOnline]
  • Selena Gomez rocked blue lipstick at Perez Hilton’s blue-themed birthday party this weekend. Um, shouldn’t little Selena be kept far, far away from the likes of Perez? [Celebuzz]