Ask The Man Panel: Club Monaco’s Boyish Charm

This boyish outfit is made up of Club Monaco’s Maggie pants and Tamia blouse. We asked the man panel to weigh in on the look and tell us whether boyish girls make their knees weak. And if you’ve got an item you’re dying for the man panel’s opinion on, {encode=”[email protected]” title=”email us a link”}! Ryan, 32: I was gonna rock the EXACT SAME look this summer! Confused!

Jason, 30: The blank facial expression on this monochromatic marm basically sums up how exciting this “look” truly is. Yawn. The real excitement comes when you try to figure out why she carries her tits in that tiny purse. I guess the pocket detailing on her shirt is more important than her womanhood.

Davy, 35: In the ’80s, growing up outside of Allentown, PA, she never missed a Bon Jovi concert. In the ’90s, she moved to NYC, tended bar in the West Village, caught the eye of a wealthy investment banker, and settled down with him and their two young sons in Westport, Connecticut. In the 2000s, they separated and someone gifted her a copy of Eat, Pray, Love. In 2011, an old friend promised her backstage passes to a Bon Jovi arena show in Philadelphia. She wore Club Monaco.
Adil, 24: How do I join Club Monaco … with my penis?!?!?

Frank, 28: This might be the most useless ensemble ever — harem capri pants and a shirt with boob pockets.

Andrew, 40: Ummmmm … is this what rich people wear? I don’t know any rich people so I’m not sure. If clothing is meant to reflect one’s personality then I’m glad I don’t know any rich people. They sleep through life, don’t they?
Jeff, 33: I’m trying to conjure some kind of scenario where this might be a sexy look. Like maybe if I have some kind of role-play fantasy about being a British colonial governor out on a safari, and you’re my native servant, and we get stranded overnight in the … nah.

James, 30: Prim and proper. Unlikely to be seen on “The Jersey Shore.”

Justin, 32: Fun outfit for the supermodel type to get away with. Everyone else will just look like an Asian school boy.

Kris, 32: I don’t really have an issues with the top. The pants on the other hand: Why? Just make them go all the way down. You aren’t on safari, nor will you ever be on safari. What’s next, pith helmets?