Amy Adams And Others Who’ve Played Lois Lane Over The Years

lois lane amy adams jpg
Amy Adams better start sharpening her pencils, pin-curling her hair, and learning to take shorthand. She has signed on to play Lois Lane in “Superman: Man of Steel,” Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman story which will star unknown Henry Cavill. “There was a big, giant search for Lois,” Snyder explains. “We did a lot of auditioning but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it.”

We have to agree. While we have no idea what Lois’ plotline in the new movie will be, we do know that Amy will put a fresh spin on the fast-talking Daily Planet reporter. Amy is a great actress—she’s a three time Oscar nominee and totally ruled in “The Fighter”—so we think she’s a great choice to play Lois, who’s been an icon since 1938. [LA Times]

After the jump, the evolution of Lois Lane.

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