Does A Nine-Year-Old Need A Padded Bra?

Oh, Abercrombie and Fitch. We never took the preppy clothing company as the arbiter of good taste and class, but we think they’ve perhaps gone way over the line by producing a collection of girls’ bathing suit tops–aimed at ages 8 to 14–with padded bras included. Just what, pray tell, does a little kid need with a padded bra, A&F? Who thought this was a good idea? Your company already gets accused–over and over again–of oversexualizing young teens and children, and this certainly isn’t helping to improve your already-sullied reputation. Abercrombie’s already got problems in the labor practices department (requiring potential employees to submit photographs with their applications), and the racism department (making people of color work in the storeroom, producing T-shirts with Asian stereotypes on them, and anti-woman slogans). And this isn’t Abercrombie’s first tango with pre-teen controversy. In 2002, the company raised the ire of parents’ groups for marketing thongs for children. What do you think of Abercrombie’s push-up triangle bras for little girls? Tell us in the comments!