Decode My Dream: A Footless Fling

I had a dream that I walked in on my old boyfriend, whom I have had no contact with in a while, and an old friend who I also don’t talk to, and they were in bed together . These two people do not know each other in reality. I was kind of upset, but not terribly. Then, in the same night, I dreamt that my feet came off but I could stick them right back on. The right foot was a little harder because it was split at the bottom so I had to piece it together . I put them back on but they remained detachable. Can you help figure this one out?– Footless

Dear Footless,

What a great dream! I think this dream is about moving forward in your life even in the face of past hurts or personal struggle.

You discover two people, who were formerly in your life, having an affair behind your back. While you are “kind of upset” you are able to “walk it off,” even if the walking is challenging. This dream shows you moving forward in your life through difficult situations. Whether it’s leaving behind friends and relationships that don’t suit you anymore, dealing with unexpected situations (represented by the little romp you walked in on), or persevering in the face of your own personal obstacles (represented by those crazy, detachable feet).

Feet represent our base, our stability, our sense of trust, and our sense of connection to the world. So to be footless in a dream, shows that you struggle in those areas or feel as “detached” as your feet. You may be having trouble trusting someone or trusting in general, which would make sense, especially if you had trust issues with the former boyfriend and/ or friend. But you put those busted feet on and walked ahead anyway. You may be aware of the things you have struggled with in the past but you will not let them handicap you in the future.

Walk on, sister! Even if your feet are detachable.


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