Baby Gifts We’d Like To Get For Rachel Zoe

A month ago, Rachel Zoe helped Anne Hathaway through eight wardrobe changes at the Oscars. And yesterday, she gave birth to a six pound baby boy, Skyler Morrison Berman. “Mom and Dad ‘LITERALLY’ could not be happier or more in love with their son!” she said in a statement.

Huge congratulations to Rachel and Rodger! After the jump, the baby gifts we’d love to give their new baby.

  • Bananas wallpaper for his nursery. No, not just something super cool—something with an actual banana print.
  • A Chanel onesie.
  • A block of wood to knock on every time his mom says “I die.”
  • Lots of faux fur blankets—the only suitable fabric for a baby of Rachel Zoe, after all.
  • A t-shirt that says, “Proof my parents have sex.”
  • Taylor Jacobson back. How will Rachel manage parenthood without her?
  • Brad bow ties in a baby size.
  • A vintage Swarovski crystal baby gate, to keep him from crawling into the studio and drooling on the couture.
  • A tape of lullabies sung by Kate Hudson, since his mama is so obsessed.
  • His own line of baby clothes. Because you know it will happen.

What would you like to get the Zoe-Bermans to celebrate?