Guy Makes Perfume Out Of His Own Poop

See this guy? Isn’t his expression just the definition of a s**t-eating grin? That’s because he’s invented a perfume. Made from human poop. His name is Jammie, and he was able to create a perfume distilled from his own fecal matter. He’s selling the perfume, dubbed Surplus, for around $75 dollars a pop. So far, of the 85 bottles he produced, 25 have been sold. Where did this terrible idea come from? Jammie says he came up with it after reading a book called The History of S**t by Dominique Laporte. “It analyses the theoretical and social implications of feces, and its role as a building material for cosmetics,” says Jammie. “It suggested that pleasant smells were used to cover bad smells, so it could be suggested that a bad smell could be used to cover pleasant smells.” And naturally, Jammie was interested in blocking out the delicious smells of flowers and baked goods with his own waste materials. Apparently, there are small molecular differences between things that smell good and things that smell bad, says Jammie. “The smell of feces and many white flowers, such as orange blossoms and juniper, are from the molecule Skatol. They’re just there in varying concentrations,” he explains. Yes, we’ll still take white flowers. [Vice]