An Open Letter To Chris Brown

Dear Chris,

Let’s have some real talk … I know you think you’ve been having a really bad week and everything, what with your totally unfair “Good Morning America” interview earlier this week, when you were asked by Robin Roberts about your life after Rihanna. You remember Rihanna, right? She was your girlfriend — the one you beat up in February 2009, so violently that many media outlets refused to show the pictures of her. Well, Chris, you really have managed to outdo yourself this time; acting a fool on “GMA” was bad enough, but it was the unapologetic bulls**ttery after the fact that really takes the cake. You should be shocked and awed that you even get invited onto talk shows at all. I know I am. See Chris, there is this little thing called accountability. I know that your modicum of fame — your Doublemint gum commercial or whatever, your Top 40 radio hit or whatever — makes you believe that you are somehow exempt from accountability. I get it — there is a whole industry, a whole world, telling you that what you did to Rihanna doesn’t really matter. That you can be the comeback kid. But the thing is, I don’t believe hitting a woman, beating her until her face is black and blue and red all over, is something that you ever get to come back from. I don’t care that you’ve “worked really hard on your music” and want people to focus on that — your redemption story sends a message that domestic violence really isn’t that serious a problem. And I’m appalled that we live in a world in which you think that somehow you’re entitled to that second chance. Your little outburst — your little play to somehow make people believe that you’re the victim — on “GMA” shows that your court-ordered anger management classes aren’t working. And if you ever, ever get a camera turned on your face, if you ever get a chance to speak your mind, the words coming out of your mouth need to be an apology. Over and over again–until you actually believe what you’re saying.


P.S. “GMA,” you guys aren’t off the hook either.