A Few Of My Favorite Things: Valerie And Camilla Of A Butterfly By Day

Mother and daughter duo Valerie and Camilla started their blog, A Butterfly by Day, two years ago after cleaning out a storage closet filled with designer pieces they had once worn. “Going through the closet and trying on the clothes with Camilla, we decided to document them on a blog,” explains Valerie. “After that, a collaboration between us was born.” The pair create style shoots influenced by both fashion and the art world, and feel that “the mix of generations collaborating as one and inspiring each other was unique to us.” Check out some of this awesome twosome’s favorite things after the jump!

Valerie and Camilla’s Favorite Things

Travel sites: We have a major obsession with the travel sites Airbnb and Vrbo. We are both dying to get away and on both sites you can dream up a vacation to almost anywhere in the world. You can find a place to rent for one to as many nights as you want from the actual people who own the homes. It’s fun to drop out for a bit and dream of where you want to travel to while finding cool obscure places to stay. One really cool home is called off-grid because it looks to be literally in the middle of nowhere and modern and completely cool.
Sheer dresses: Sheer dressing with maxi skirts or dresses made of sheer fabrics so you have to layer upon layer by adding slips and longer tops to not look too risque. The best place to get your sheer pieces is Free People. They have the best selection of sheer maxi skirts and dresses right now and at reasonable prices. We just picked up a great sheer skirt from them — this wrapped in pleats maxi in the color tea. We are planning on styling and shooting it for our blog very soon.
The Bar Method. Our favorite workout is the Bar Method. It is the only workout that gets you strong and lean like a ballerina. But there is no dancing in this class; you only use the ballet barre to stretch and sometimes balance while you are undergoing the most intense workout of your life. But it’s completely addicting and once you see the changes it does to your body, you are not only convinced you’re hooked.
This is Not Porn: Our favorite site to lose yourself in, This Is Not Porn is totally dedicated to very rare and very vintage photos of movie stars, musicians, and other famous people. You can end up spending hours wasting time sifting through all the pages and then realize, oh god, where’s the time gone? Where else can you find pictures of Johnny Depp holding a super soaker squirt gun or Kurt Cobain as a 2-year-old or Katherine Hepburn at 60 riding a skateboard? (Just to name a few.)
Bright colors: We love wearing bright pops of color right now, either by adding a bright bag or clutch or wearing hot pink trousers. Zara completely covers the brights that are all over the runways this spring–and at amazing prices. A favorite bag is the XL fashion clutch at Zara in bright yellow. Hop over and check out the lookbook to see for yourself all the ways to add color to your life.