Megan Levant, Charlie Sheen’s Goddess Numero 3

Looks like there’s a new goddess in town. The Sun has identified a third woman who is part of Charlie Sheen’s harem, 26-year-old Megan Levant. The two apparently met at the Playboy mansion a while ago, and she’s told friends that they have been dating for a few months. Supposedly, she was also aboard a yacht last month with Charlie, Natalie Kenly, and Rachel Oberlin and more recently has been seen at Charlie’s Sober Valley Lodge. Somehow, she managed to stay out of the public eye until now.

So who is Megan? The details after the jump.

  • Megan is known for her partying. “Megan is well-known on the club scene – mostly for her filthy antics,” a source tells The Sun. “She often goes out wearing next to nothing and is not shy about sex.”
  • In the past, she has been linked to Pauly Shore and Simon Rex. Uh, good taste?
  • Her now-deleted Twitter account contains all sorts of musings that sound right up Charlie’s alley. “I like porn, red hots and vodka,” she says. “Just ate a grape and I”
  • But she also has a humanitarian side. “If you feel the sudden urge to rescue a dog in need of a home – call me,” she typed.

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