Bride Arrested For Brawling With Wedding Guests

It’s a nice day for a fight wedding. Over the weekend, 28-year-old bride Angela Davito was arrested at her own wedding. Apparently, some uninvited guests showed up at the reception and started dirty dancing with the bride. This pissed off the groom, and a full-out brawl broke out. The police were called and tried to stop the fighting. When they were unsuccessful, they doused the reception in pepper spray. Firefighters came in to treat guests for pepper spray exposure.

Oh, but it got worse.From there, the crowd turned on the police, who called for backup. When it looked like the fighting had finally stopped, bride Angela charged another woman and had to be restrained. At which point, she kicked an officer in the groin with the cowboy boots under her wedding dress.

Oh well. At least she was already down at City Hall to file the marriage certificate?

[Fox Phoenix]

Photo: iStockphoto/ThinkStock