Reporter Becomes Pimp After Having Pay Cut

Newspapers had a tough time in the recession with many shutting down, cutting staff, or starting mandatory furloughs. Kevin Provencher, a reporter at the New Hampshire Union Leader had an interesting idea on how to weather the storm. He became a pimp. This week, he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail for running a prostitution ring out of his local SpringHill Suites hotel.Provencher employed two women, “Jane Doe” and “Jill Doe.” He would advertise their services on Craigslist. On Friday and Saturday nights, he’d go to the SpringHill Suites and get a room, telling the front desk that his wife would be dropping by in his absence. Once one of these two women were in the room, a “string of males” would come by to visit them.

Apparently, these two women paid Provencher more than half of the $240 they made an hour. “His crime was not a one time lapse in judgement,” a prosecuter said. “[He] planned, thought out and ran these services on the expense of these two women.”

Ahhh, the future of journalism.