Quickies: Is Paris Hilton Racist?

Jessica Wakeman | March 22, 2011 - 7:00 pm
  • Paris Hilton once made out with a guy but stopped when she realized he was black, author Neil Strauss claims in his new book of celebrity profiles. Neil claims Paris pointed at an actor from “Saving Private Ryan” and told him, “We were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross.” I know Paris is dumb and all, but would she really be so dumb to say something vile and racist in front of a reporter? [The Superficial]
  • “Good Morning America” claims that Chris Brown pre-approved a list of questions that Robin Roberts asked about Rihanna, which supposedly made the douchebag HULK SMASH a glass window, rip his shirt off, and storm out of the studios. Sigh. FYI, telling people that you let celebrities pre-approve the questions you ask them doesn’t make you look good, “GMA.” [The Superficial]
  • Rihanna, BTW, snapped at a Fabulous magazine reporter for repeatedly asking her to comment on Chris Brown. “You obviously want to talk about Chris Brown,” she said. “I don’t.” Oh, snap. [Oh No They Didn’t!]
  • ZOMG, Helen Mirren and Elton John will both be hosting “Saturday Night Live” next month (but not together). Can’t wait! [Oh No They Didn’t!]

  • AMC is nearing a deal with creator Matt Weiner regarding season five of “Mad Men,” praise be! But we probably won’t see new episodes until 2012, boo. [Deadline Hollywood]
  • Nicki Minaj whipped out a dildo onstage because she’s awesome like that. [Oh No They Didn’t!]
  • What does Tyra Banks think of Lady Gaga’s meat dress? [NYmag.com]
  • Charlie Sheen’s estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, won’t extend the temporary restraining order she’s filed against her hubby. This counts as good news in the Sheen household these days. [PopEater]
  • “Jersey Shore” cast member Ronnie’s assault case is moving forward: he is asking for permission to travel to Italy to film the show’s fourth season if he promises to stay out of trouble with the law for a year. Ronnie’s assault charges stem from that night on the boardwalk when he knocked some guy out with just one punch. He should be thrown in the pen next to Chris Brown and Michael Lohan. [Radar Online]
  • In other “Jersey Shore” train wreck news, Angelina and The Situation hosted an event at a club recently and she was reportedly kicked out for drunkenly challenging another girl to a fight. Good old Angelina. [TMZ]
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton’s “fairy tale” wedding carriage looks like something out of “Cinderella.” [RadarOnline]
  • Here’s Tom Ford’s advice on how to be a “modern gentleman”: hold open doors for women, stand up when people arrive or leave the table, and never, ever wear shorts and flipflops in the city. Um … okay. [Another Magazine]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow duets with Matthew Morrison on his new album for a special arrangement of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from “Wizard of Oz.” [PopEater]
  • Blake Lively puts together quite the get-up to go to the store and buy a toothbrush, doesn’t she? [Just Jared]
  • Elizabeth Berkley from “Saved By The Bell” and “Showgirls” just published a book full of advice for teen girls called Ask Elizabeth … although I’m pretty sure today’s teen girls were born when “SBTB” was practically off the air. (And surely they haven’t seen “Showgirls.”) [RadarOnline]
  • Attention, music nerds! A decade-old David Bowie album has been released online. [Oh No They Didn’t!]
  • Spring break is almost here! Let’s take a look back at 10 great spring break flicks. [TresSugar]
  • Is it possible to pick someone up on public transportation without being totally sketchy? [How About We]