How Do I Wear: Floral Tights?

Floral tights are everywhere right now — and it make sense. After all, everyone’s itching to start rocking their spring clothes, but it’s still a bit too cold to be traipsing around with bare legs. However, there are some rules for wearing floral tights the right way. For one, don’t try to pair another pattern with these tights. One colorful, flower-powered piece is enough. Keep everything else pretty neutral and your outfit will stay pleasantly in bloom. After the jump, we give you a style suggestion for these tights.

  1. Khaki Dress: $49, Oasis, Debenhams
  2. Floral Tights: $19, Emilio Cavallini, John Lewis
  3. Silver Bangles: $35, Kimberley’s, Fantasy Jewelry Box
  4. Khaki Wedges: $132, Jeffery Campbell, Karmaloop